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Why Make The Switch To DVD?

Do any of you remember hauling out the old slide projector, rigging a sheet on the wall, and listening to the loud whir, while dad tried to explain exactly why the family vacationed in Cape Cod during February?

While old home videos and movies are great to watch as a family, watching priceless moments being chewed up by the VCR doesn’t make for a happy ending!

What is the process involved?

Our trained professionals take care with each video & movie that we transfer, making sure that your order comes out just the way you want it too. Generally it will take about a week to get your order completed and ready for pick up.  Once your order has been completed you will get the original tapes back, along with your brand new DVD’s.

We convert your slides and VHS tapes to a movie on DVD.  Add music, captions, or a voice over to your movie to make your memories more exciting! Don’t stop with just the family vacation slides. Make movies of your wedding, retirement parties, family reunions… you’re only as limited as your imagination!

What are the benefits?

There will be no more need for lugging out equipment, time-consuming set-up, or boring monologue. DVD’s offer easier storage and a more reliable way to preserve your family memories.

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