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Restoration and Retouching

The Best Way to Preserve Family Memories and Bring New Life To Faded Or Damaged Photographs

You would be amazed at what we can do with a photo. Retouching and restoration of a photo could be simply fixing cracks or we can take people out, put people in, restore color. The results are amazing!

Photos especially are susceptible to light and environmental damage like acids and oils from handling, or dampness from storage. Since older photos don’t usually come with the negative to make new prints, it can feel like you’re losing family history when photos start to decay. Perhaps your old photos have darkened with age, or you want to backup these old photos as insurance against fire or other disasters.

“For over two years, I have been collecting family photos for what we now call ‘Ancestor Alley’. MotoPhoto has been a key participant at every step, re-sizing, and restoring. Have you seen their result in making ‘whole’ my favorite photo of my husband from an image severely damaged when it stuck to glass. I call this miraculous. Not only are the MotoPhoto staff so skilled in all things digital; they are consistently consumer oriented and friendly. The results speak for themselves. I cannot recommend MotoPhoto enough. No matter how complicated you order is, you will be totally satisfied with their work and service.”

Margaret Patricelli

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is bring in your damaged photographs to our store and one of our trained staff will access your photo and give you a quote for repair. Once we have given you a price, we will scan your original photos and our team members will restore and retouch your image digitally. After that we’ll produce a high quality photographic print that will last for years to come. You can order any size or quantity of print(s) from your repaired file at the same time as the repair work is being done OR anytime afterwards. Restoration photos can also be put on a CD or USB as a digital file if you do not want prints just yet. Rest assured, your prints never leave our store and will stay safely packaged until they’re picked up!

We should mention…. – It is our policy to make every effort possible to protect the rights of professional photographers. We will not accept clearly copyrighted work without the written permission of the photographer/creator.