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What the heck is a life-size photo cutout?

Searching for the perfect addition to your party, promotion, trade show or reunion?  A life-size photo cutout is just what you need. We take one of your photos (could be a digital file, slide, negative or print) and make a stand up version of you, your pet or whatever! Our life size cutout is a real photographic print that is satin laminated then mounted on 3/16” foam core board (this makes the photo hard).  We then make a fold-out stand and base. Our life size cutouts are photo realistic and sturdy not  like most other online cutouts are printed on thin cardboard.


The price is based on a cutout of one person, and includes the photo quality print laminated and mounted on foam board with a fold out stand. The standard single person cutout is about $200.  Bigger cutouts of couples, like wedding photos, are a touch more.  For cutouts of groups, cars, motorcycles, adding a talking bubble, or anything else, ask us for a quote.  Turn around time is about 2 weeks.

How To Order

Bring your photo or digital image to our store or send your file as an email to  Please be sure to include your contact info as well as the height you would like your cutout to stand.

Are you taking a new photo?

If you are taking a new digital photo for the cutout: Set your digital camera to the highest JPG resolution possible. Stand back and zoom in to make your subject fill the frame vertically top to bottom, use your flash to fill the shadows; the background is irrelevant.


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