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Official School Photographer for Simsbury High School

Senior Portraits
Simsbury High School
Senior Portraits

We look forward to capturing this very important part of your life and creating portraits to be treasured by you, your family and friends for many years.  Over the years, MotoPhoto has been photographing many of  Simsbury’s town sports leagues and many families are long time customers of our store.

We understand that you want a variety of portrait styles. While mom and dad may want to display formal poses, friends may prefer a more casual style.  At MotoPhoto you’ll always have a wide variety of session options to choose from to meet your portrait needs.  Great portraits don’t just happen; it takes a little effort on both sides of the camera. Your portraits will reflect the thought you put into them. The more we plan and prepare, the happier you will be with the result.

Senior Photography “MUST DO” list

  1. Decide the type of session you want. Whether you want an extended sessions with outfit changes, different poses and a variety of backdrops or just a quick and free yearbook only one.  See below for all the details.

  2. Book your appointment! DON’T WAIT!!! You must be photographed by September 30th.  Yes, that is a early deadline but it is due to the extreme amount of work that goes into putting together  those awesome yearbooks. And yes, appointments go fast.  If you miss the deadline for the complimentary “yearbook only” studio session, we will be at the High School in the blue gym on August 23rd 10:00-5:00 for yearbook only sessions during forms and photo day.  Then your next chance for yearbook will be on August 28th 1:00-3:00 at the school for a makeup forms and photo day.  Your last chance to be photographed will be during makeup photo day (date to be determined).  If you miss the deadline and really want a studio session, you can always take the yearbook photo at the school and schedule a extended session at our studios anytime past the deadline.

  3. Schedule your session.  You can book online (see options below) and see our availability (it is a live schedule) from your home or call us during our business hours @ 860.470.7939

  4. Plan your session.  If you have an extended session, bring multiple outfits (formal and casual) that express who you are – solid colors and long sleeves photograph best.  Of course you should bring matching shoes, socks, and accessories to complete your outfits.  This goes without saying but iron those wrinkled clothes prior to your session.  We strongly suggest you consider bringing uniforms, sports equipment, and musical instruments to express your interests.  This really helps make your portraits personal.  If you want more on what to wear and what to bring,  all the goods can be found in our hints and tips.

  5. When Senior Portrait Day Arrives,  relax and have a blast!  Don’t stress if a last minute pimple shows up.  Bring a friend or awesome music on your iPod.  Make sure you come early so your not rushed and stressed.

  6. After we take your photos, you will have some time to select your photo for the yearbook.  This must be done at time of appointment.

  7. Order Portraits! You can order traditional portrait prints, digital Images, framed composites and a variety of other options.   In most cases, orders are ready for pickup within 7-14 business days.

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Session Options

1/2 Studio Experience $45

  • Up to 1/2 hour studio time.

  • Multiple background changes.

  • A bunch of traditional and casual poses.

  • Includes free minor retouching on yearbook photo.

  • Dress Guide.

Click to schedule your 30 min  session.

The Studio Experience $69

  • Up to 1 hour studio time

  • Unlimited background changes

  • Unlimited traditional and casual poses

  • Unlimited clothing changes

  • Includes free minor retouching on yearbook photo

  • Dress Guide.

Click to schedule your 1 hour session.

Location Session starting at $145

  • Up to 1 hour on location.

  • Unlimited background changes.

  • Unlimited traditional and casual poses.

  • Unlimited clothing changes.

  • Includes free minor retouching on yearbook photo.

  • Free Animoto Video.

  • Dress Guide.

Please call 860.470.7939 to schedule your location + session

Yearbook Only Session (n/c)

  • 5-10 minutes photography time.

  • Standard SHS yearbook background.

  • About 10 head & shoulder yearbook poses.

  • Free sessions in studio offered thru Aug 25, after that date, head-shots will be done at the school

  • Dress Guide.

Portrait Review Session (n/c)

  • 30 Minutes Portrait review

  • Order Options.

Click to schedule your Review session