Get Ready for your next Session!

Getting portraits taken can be a lot of fun, and the memories will last a lifetime! Here are a couple of tips to prepare for your session to make sure that you get the best looking pictures around!

family portrait
Pet Portrait

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Couples & Small Groups

Couples and small groups can prepare for their session by choosing simple garments within the same tonal ranges. When subjects appear in a mixture of light and dark tones together, there is a visual confusion-as the light color comes forward the dark color recedes. When this happens, one person becomes dominate and appears heavier than in reality.


In a family group, clothing coordination is critical. Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member of the family stands out because the clothing is too light or bright compared to the rest of the group.

For close up portraits, long sleeves are essential for teens and adults, as bare arms call attention to themselves and will overpower the face.

Men should be clean shaven or facial hair should be carefully groomed, with their hair cut about one week before the portrait session. Women should be photographed whenever they are happiest with their hair in relation to the time styled.

Individual Portraits

The goal of any fine portrait is to direct the viewers eye to the face in the portrait. All other elements should be secondary. For individuals, simple long-sleeved garments in medium to dark tones of brown, gray, burgundy, green or blue are pleasing choices when photographed against a medium or dark background. Printed clothing has a tendency to be confusing and does not photograph well. Try to stay away from bright colors if possible as these will overwhelm the face.

High School Seniors

Solid colors and long sleeves will photograph best, however you may where patterns if desired. Try and schedule your hair appointment for 1 week prior to your session, but don’t do anything drastic that you may not be happy with! Make sure that everything matches your outfits, which means socks, shoes, and accessories.

Depending on the type of session you book, you may bring multiple outfits or props such as musical instruments and sport equipment.

Children &  Pets

Infants and newborns are generally photographed without clothing for a more natural look. Bring a cherished stuffed animal or blanket to add a special touch to your photographs. Diapers, diaper covers, and/or onesies in white or pastels such as pink, blue, green and yellow are preferred. The photographers will accommodate to the clothing selection and make sure backgrounds and props coordinate accordingly.

Taking your pet for a walk just before the appointment in order to release any excess energy or excitement is helpful so they aren’t as high energy when they walk through the door. For dog appointments, a leash is required. All animals are welcomed!

Executive Sessions

Our most common backdrops are white, grey, blue and black. We suggest that you wear something that will contrast nicely with the backdrop of your choice. We also suggest wearing neutral colors, business jackets, and try to stay away from wearing stripes. Our photographers have had years of experience in executive photography and will make sure you look your best! If you have further questions about what you should wear or the head-shot process, give us a call or send us an e-mail.