Snuggle Bug Portrait Club!

Sessions Pricing
Sessions Pricing

Baby’s First year of Membership Includes:

  • 4 FREE portrait sessions with baby

  • 10% OFF all Lab and Portrait Purchases

  • 2 portrait sheets per session

  • 2 digital images per session

  • $24.00 per additional sheet

  • $25 per additional digital image

  • Free Holiday Session

  • Free gift

$399 Value

Savings over $800

Snuggle Bug membership does not include the newborn session as this is a more extensive session and requires multiple photographers. Membership for the Club can be purchased at any time, or after your newborn session. Call for more information!

Smash the Cake Sessions are not included in the Snuggle Bug Membership, however you will receive 10% off the session if you are a member.

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