Fundraising Photography Program

//Fundraising Photography Program

Fundraising Photography Program

WOW $19,900!! Just finished mailing out checks for our 2015 Photography Fundraising Programs and happy to say we are contributing just under $20k to local organizations that use us for their photography programs.

As a local small business we know how important it is to support local. We try to support local many different ways. We order from our favorite local restaurants for lunch (da Capo, Pasta Co, First and Last, Dom’s Coffee, Pick & Mix, Elephant Trail just to name a few) We shop in the local plaza and we hit the local hardware stores.

Weekly we get solicitations for donations to everything from school events to corporate fundraisers. Like you, we try our best to donate when we can. But the very best way we are able to raise money, and I mean some serious dollars is with our photography program.

In case you did not know, most photography programs at schools, sports leagues and daycare centers are used in some sort of way to donate either a set dollar amount or a % of sales back to the organization as a fundraiser. This is where we excel. Because of you, our great customers.

We have had great success donating back to schools over the past few years. Most schools often comment, that we contribute double what other photography companies have in prior years.

I’m reminded of a school that was weary of bringing us on as the school photographer a few years back because we were not the big national company and our prices were much lower than the “big boys”. They actually had us write into the contract a guaranteed amount of money so they wouldn’t suffer because of our lower prices. With a little bit of worry and scare, we signed the deal hoping we could meet the sales numbers to contribute the amount we guaranteed. That next year we returned over DOUBLE the guarantee to the school!

So today I put the last stamp on those checks being mailed out for 2015. Our Spring programs are about to start up and I know we will be able to raise more in 2016. Thank you to all the schools and organizations that choose us, a local small business trying to do its part giving back!

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